Additional Assessment Arrangements in Crieff High School allow candidates access to appropriate arrangements without compromising the integrity of the assessment across all curriculum learning and for SQA examinations. Candidates are individuals with a diverse range of needs and the individual needs of the candidates in each subject area are taken into account when considering the most appropriate assessment arrangements. For example, an arrangement required in one subject area may not be relevant in another.

Assessment arrangements are tailored to meet a candidate’s individual need and evidence of a candidate’s assessment needs is provided for SQA diets. Assessment arrangements reflect, as far as possible, the candidate’s normal way of learning and producing work.

There are a variety of supports that can be requested through the SQA Assessment Arrangements including:

  • Adapted and digital question paper
  • Use of ICT with/without spellchecker
  • Extra time
  • Prompt
  • Reader
  • Scribe
  • Rest periods
  • Handheld spellchecker
  • Use of a calculator when no calculator is allowed

Separate Accommodation

Adapted question papers include

  1. Digital question papers
  2. Question paper printed on a specified colour
  3. Standard large print question papers
  4. Adapted print question papers
  5. Modified large print question papers
  6. Brailled question papers

Further information

SQA guide to Additional Assessment Arrangements for learners.

Assessment Arrangements guide for parents and carers