Crieff High School values parents as partners in their child’s learning and recognises that parental involvement and engagement should be embedded within policies, strategies, and practices. We aim to provide opportunities and support for parents to capitalise on their children’s learning experiences and their child’s learning and development at home, school and in the wider community. 

Family learning encourages family members to learn together as a family with a focus on intergenerational learning. It is an approach to engaging families in learning that has an impact on the whole family. It recognises the important contribution of the extended family including the involvement of grandparents and of other significant adults in a child’s or young person’s life.

Within Crieff High School we strive to strengthen relationships between families and the school, provide useful information for parents to ensure they are well informed about ways to help with their child’s learning at home and increase opportunities for family learning. An important aspect of this is sharing information about family learning opportunities within the community and reducing barriers to parental involvement and engagement.

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