S1 PSE Curriculum

Below are the topics covered in the S1 PSE classes. Pupils are taught by their guidance teacher: Mr Davidson (Kelty House), Mrs Douglas (Turret House) and Mrs Walker (Barvick House).

Mental, Emotional and Social Wellbeing

Positive Relationships

Managing Relationships & Friendships in High School

Consensual Interactions


Equality: LGBT and Neurodiversity

Online Safety

Instagram VS Reality

Body Image


Emotional Wellbeing

Planning for Choices & Change

Transition to Secondary School Expectations



Course Choice

My World of Work

Physical Activity and Health

Impact of Substances, Energy Drinks and Other Factors on Health

Substance Misuse

What is a ‘Substance’ and a ‘Drug’

Peer Pressure

Keeping Yourself Safe Around Substances and Drug Situations

Impact of Alcohol

Impact of Energy Drinks

Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood

Relationships and Love

Puberty and Body Changes

Body Changes and Menstruation

Sexual Feelings

Sex and Pregnancy

Boys and Girls Stereotypes