S2 PSE Curriculum

Below are the topics covered in the S2 PSE classes. Pupils are taught by their guidance teacher: Mr Davidson (Kelty House), Mrs Douglas (Turret House) and Mrs Walker (Barvick House).

Mental, Emotional and Social Wellbeing

Social Media- Me Online

Social media – Sending and Sharing Images

Online Grooming

Instagram VS Reality

Emotional Wellbeing: Causes of Mental Health Difficulties

How to Look After My Mental Health

Link Between Physical and Mental Health

Dealing with Online Stress

Stress and Anxiety

Planning for Choices & Change

Expectations and Aspirations for the Year Ahead

My Motivations, Strengths and Learning / Work Preferences

My Skills for the Future

Physical Activity and Health

Link Between Physical Health and Mental Health

Substance Misuse

Names, Effects and Possible Harms of Drugs

Drugs and the Law

Attitudes Towards Alcohol

Why do People Use Alcohol and Other Drugs?

What Alcohol Does to the Body and Brain

Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood

Body Image

Body Confidence

Social Media – Me Online

Social Media – Fake People

Emotional Wellbeing

Sexual Intercourse

Being a Parent / Carer


Human Sexuality and Sexual Rights

LGBT Equality