S3 PSE Curriculum

Below are the topics covered in the S3 PSE classes. Pupils are taught by their guidance teacher: Mr Davidson (Kelty House), Mrs Douglas (Turret House) and Mrs Walker (Barvick House).

Mental, Emotional and Social Wellbeing

Stress and Anxiety

Self-harm and Coping Strategies

Building resilience

Celebrity Case Studies: Causes and Supports

Resect and Anti-Discrimination

Planning for Choices & Change

My motivation, strengths and learning/work preferences

Managing my own future: locate information about options in learning and work

Set challenging, realistic learning goals with targets and action points to support achievement; recognises what influences ability to reach goals.

Opportunities for progressing to further learning from each of the pathways available, including to Apprenticeships and higher education; identify sectors where opportunities exist to be self-employed

Local labour market opportunities for young people

How to manage money: financial paperwork and budgeting; savings and borrowing.

Being a critical consumer: getting value for money

Managing risks and emotions associated with money: identify theft, risk and reward, different types of insurance

Subjects for S4: Skills and progression

Physical Activity and Health

Impact of Substances, Energy Drinks and Other Factors on Health

Substance Misuse

Addiction and Habit-Forming Behaviour

Cannabis/Weed: Myths and the Truth

Cannabis/Weed: What it Does to the Body and Brain

Recovery from Drug-Abuse: Case Studies

Formal and Informal Supports


Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood

Romantic and Loving Relationships

Expectations & First Time Sex



About STIs/BBVs & Advice & support

Advice and Support

Equalities, Feminism and Sexual Harassment

Abuse and Relationships